01 May 2013


I dreamed last night. It was a lovely dream...a dream that I wasn't suppose to have...

When I woke up, I felt unhappy. Suddenly, I felt so incomplete...so discontented.

Life is so complicated.

Opportunities come and go...and sometimes, you just let them leave without even thinking about it...maybe because at that time you were preoccupied with something else. Or maybe because it's arrival was so subtle that you just weren't sure if it's for real.

But then, one day in the future, you'll wake up, thinking how stupid you were for letting that pass you by...but you can't do anything about it anymore...the magic moment was gone...the universe has moved on.

It's bothersome.

Regrets? I can't really say that. I did my best...I made the best decision given the situation at that time. You really can never predict what the future would bring...Maybe it was really not for me.

But I feel sad.

I don't know why.